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  1. Hi,

    Iam trying to implement a mobile application as a web service using netbeans. Since I am new to using netbeans and J2ME, kindly guide me to a step by step example or tutorial to do that

      1. Hi Nando,

        I did try your post about creating web service, but it did not work with me when i tried to create the client using the WTK. could you be patient with me and guide me in more detailes to creating and manipulating records as part of a web service.

  2. Hello Nando

    I am trying to use an approach of the code published in your post about autofac and nhibernate but I got two problems.

    *Mine is a VB solution, not C#
    *The 2.1.7 beta version I downloaded from Autofac has some syntax incompatibilities.

    I wonder if you would send me the code in your sample so as not to rewrite the whole solution.

    Thanks in advance


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