Google Maps API: Rendering GPolylines and GSteps

Hello everybody, due to the success of the last 2 posts (here and here) related to ASP.NET and Google Maps API, I decided to dedicated one more post to this topic. Today, we are going to work on GRoute, GPolyline and GStep objects for creating customized maps. Maybe you are going to say that this … Continue reading Google Maps API: Rendering GPolylines and GSteps

Improving WebSite Performance

Hello everybody, in 2008's last post, I will share some advices to improve your website performance. In the last months, I've been working with Onibus Recife and one of our efforts was making the site load speed faster. To achieve an acceptable performance, we basically worked on three aspects: Reducing the number of requests sent/received. Reducing the number of … Continue reading Improving WebSite Performance

JavaScript Unit Testing with YUI Test

Hi, some posts ago I talked about JavaScript and user interface testing using Selenium. Today, I will present another option to test your JavaScript code. YUI Test is a testing framework for browser-based JavaScript solutions, providing JavaScript Unit Testing. While not a direct part from any specific xUnit framework, YUI Test does derive some characteristics … Continue reading JavaScript Unit Testing with YUI Test

Interface Unit Tests with Selenium

Hi, this week started with tests development, since I took the responsability of testing a Web Application. However, different from the others tests that I've done in the past, which covered C# code,  this ones are related to the project's user interface. So, testing javascript code and interface functionality are now part of my work. … Continue reading Interface Unit Tests with Selenium

ASP.NET and Google Maps – part 2

Hi, in the last post, we talked about how to integrate an ASP.NET application with google maps. But, we didn't do anything interesting at all. Today, I will show some features of the google maps API so your application can be more funny. What about an application that show how to people arrive in your … Continue reading ASP.NET and Google Maps – part 2