Singleton (Anti-) Pattern

I’ve implemented my first design patterns at college, while creating a web system during the software engineer course. My classmates and I needed a facade class with a single instance of it throughout the system. So, because we’re really smart, we’ve applied the Facade and Singleton pattern. Actually, we’ve implemented the patterns without knowledge of … Continue reading Singleton (Anti-) Pattern

C Arrays and Pointers

Hello guys, some weeks ago I was reading some questions in StackOverflow and one of them really took my attention. I don't have a great experience with C programming language, but I’ve started developing in C++ and Symbian 3 moths ago, which improved my skills in pointers and memory allocation. Even after some moths programming in … Continue reading C Arrays and Pointers

Hello world!

Hello everybody, this is the first of a lot of posts here, so I hope 🙂 I'm just a Computer Science Undergraduate Student in Federal University of Pernambuco who likes Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Distributed Systems and Database Systems. So, you'll see here things related with this areas, trends in information technology and a little about myself. See … Continue reading Hello world!