The Principles of Object-Oriented Design

At this moment, a lot of source code are been writing by thousands and thousands of programmers all around the world. Most of them uses an object-oriented language, but probably just a few have knowledge of the ODD, which I consider crucial for a reusable and extensible project. What are The Principles of Object-Oriented Design … Continue reading The Principles of Object-Oriented Design

Refactoring to Command Pattern

I've spent the last two weeks reading another refactoring famous reference. After Refactoring, I decided to read Refactoring to Patterns, which is also very good, and today I'll share one sample of book's refactoring catalog: Replace Conditional Dispatcher with Command. In this example, you will be able to see some of book's approach and how this practice … Continue reading Refactoring to Command Pattern

Object-Oriented Design Heuristics

Hi, Object-Oriented Design Heuristics is the book I've been reading for the last two months. Besides of the amount of work in this period, I could always find some time to read it.  The book has 11 chapters and, without appendixes, 217 pages. So, it's not a exhaustive reading. The most interesting in this book … Continue reading Object-Oriented Design Heuristics

Software Architecture in Practice

Hi, this week I started reading this book, since software architecture is the computer science's area that I like most. It's too early to give my real opinion about it, but it has a very good reading. After the introduction chapters, I was able to understand the real concept of Software Architecture, its business cycle, known as ABC, … Continue reading Software Architecture in Practice

Design Patterns for Distributed Systems

Introduction In the last post we talked about Design Patterns as a strategy used for writing reusable code. The patterns listed are famous in general software development. However, you can find patterns for a specific kind of software like embeeded, distributed, real time softwares and so on. Today, we will be talking a little about … Continue reading Design Patterns for Distributed Systems

Designing Reusable Sofware

Given the problems we face with in the real world, designing objected-oriented software became a difficult activity for programmers. In addition, designing reusable and extensible software is even harder, at same time it is essencial for the dynamic software industry that exists today. Because of that, Design Patterns gained popularity in computer science in 1994, … Continue reading Designing Reusable Sofware