Code performance

Code performance is one of the most polemics topics in software development process, addressing a lot of issues, for example: When to improve code performance? Should I prioritize legibility or response time? What part of my code should be improved? There is a lot of discussion about code performance and one reason for that is … Continue reading Code performance

Singleton (Anti-) Pattern

I’ve implemented my first design patterns at college, while creating a web system during the software engineer course. My classmates and I needed a facade class with a single instance of it throughout the system. So, because we’re really smart, we’ve applied the Facade and Singleton pattern. Actually, we’ve implemented the patterns without knowledge of … Continue reading Singleton (Anti-) Pattern

C Arrays and Pointers

Hello guys, some weeks ago I was reading some questions in StackOverflow and one of them really took my attention. I don't have a great experience with C programming language, but I’ve started developing in C++ and Symbian 3 moths ago, which improved my skills in pointers and memory allocation. Even after some moths programming in … Continue reading C Arrays and Pointers

Basic Data Types

I’ve been reading the single most influential book every programmer should read since last month and there is a really nice chapter about basic data types. Actually, when I read the chapter’s title, I thought reading it would be a waste of time, but I was wrong. There are some quick tips that really worth … Continue reading Basic Data Types

Breaking Information Hiding in C++

Almost every object-oriented programmer is familiar with the concept of information hiding. Actually, lots of them get confused with the terms encapsulation and information hiding. So, before we talk about information hiding itself, let me explain the difference of both terms: Encapsulation is the public interface that defines how an object can be used, and how … Continue reading Breaking Information Hiding in C++

Principles of Package Design

Agile Software Development is really an incredible book. After reading it, a lot had been talked about the Object-Oriented Principles on this blog (here and here). Today, I'll be talking about another section of the book, which introduces principles used to maintain high package cohesion and a desirable package dependency, known as Principles of Package Design. … Continue reading Principles of Package Design