Remote Pair Programming

Hi, every software engineer and project manager knows about XP and Pair Programming, but most of them doesn't know how to do it with a distributed team. A good option in this case is to make use of a Eclipse Plugin named Cola: Real-Time Shared Editing. Cola's main funtction is to enable code real time … Continue reading Remote Pair Programming

Google Street View Glances at France

Hi, until now, Google Street View provides images just from America. However, people throughout the world are allowed to visit one more country: France. Although the images cover only the route of the famous Tour de France competition, they seem to be of considerably higher quality than the usual Street View shots, presenting a lot … Continue reading Google Street View Glances at France

Internet through the sky

Hi, it's incredible how Internet is in everywhere. After Wi-Fi, WiMax and 3G make possible the internet access in shoppings and airports, it's time to read your favority blog inside the airplane. According to American Airlines, their passengers will be able to test in-flight Internet access. At the beginning, just two flights will provide this service: New York … Continue reading Internet through the sky

Google Code Jam 2008

Hi, For you who like competitions, this is another big event in computer science world. Different from Google Summer of Code, which envolves the implementation of a new OpenSource project,  Google Code Jam is a challenge to programmers interested in solving algorithm problems, using less time as possible. Subscriptions to Google Code Jam finish in … Continue reading Google Code Jam 2008

3G iPhone

Hi, this week is far away from being an usual week for Apple Lover. In June 9th happens the Apple WWDC and a lot of speculations had been done for the secound-generation iPhone. Apple announced the iPhone in January 9th and besides of its spectacular multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard and buttons, a big number … Continue reading 3G iPhone

Firefox Download Day

Hi, one of the most expected announced is the release of Firefox 3 (and iPhone2 at June, 9). And with the realease of Firefox 3, Mozilla wants to make a new Guiness World Record: the software with the greatest number of downloads in the first 24 hours. For that, Mozilla creates the Firefox Download Day … Continue reading Firefox Download Day