Google Maps API Library for GWT

Hello everybody, 2009 starts with a very good news for Java web developers interested in Google Maps services. This week, the Google Geo Developers Blog published about the announcement of  the Google API Libraries for Google Web Toolkit. They're a collection of libraries that provide Java language bindings for popular Google JavaScript APIs, facilitating its use with GWT, which translates your … Continue reading Google Maps API Library for GWT

Omnibus – Finding Public Transport Route

Hi, here in Recife was released a new service which provides public transport routes. Developed by Inove Informatica, users can use Omnibus to find a way to achieve some destination using buses and subways. The result is both a textual and visual description, providing an easy google map iteraction. The same kind of service is … Continue reading Omnibus – Finding Public Transport Route

Jimmy Wales Interview

Hi, this week, Wikipedia co-founder, Jimmy Wales, went to Brazil to participate in a collaboration event stated in Sao Paulo between November 10th and 12th. Besides of the event, he made a lot of interviews talking about the encyclopedia he created, the collaboration perspective, his future works and the future of the Internet. So, I … Continue reading Jimmy Wales Interview

Walking Routes on Google Maps

Hi, this week Google announced a new feature in the most famous web mapping service throughout the world. Until now, google maps enabled just car routes tracing, but at this moment you will be able to trace walking directions also. For that, you will need just to select the option in the search result box: … Continue reading Walking Routes on Google Maps

Gmail and Remote Sign Out

Hi, the official Gmail's blog announced a new feature in gmail account. They're adding a new layer of information and control which provides the possibility of tracking your recent sessions and also sign yourself out remotely. Who never forget a gmail session opened in somewhere?? It's commun to leave gmail logged in with your most … Continue reading Gmail and Remote Sign Out