Creating a J2ME Web Service Client

This last week I was concentrated in developing a J2ME application that communicates with a Web Service to gather some information about route planning. Basically, the mobile app ask for a route, given an origin and a destination waypoints. Although this kind of work looks very easy, I got some problems to accomplish it. Due to that, I will … Continue reading Creating a J2ME Web Service Client

Internet through the sky

Hi, it's incredible how Internet is in everywhere. After Wi-Fi, WiMax and 3G make possible the internet access in shoppings and airports, it's time to read your favority blog inside the airplane. According to American Airlines, their passengers will be able to test in-flight Internet access. At the beginning, just two flights will provide this service: New York … Continue reading Internet through the sky

3G iPhone

Hi, this week is far away from being an usual week for Apple Lover. In June 9th happens the Apple WWDC and a lot of speculations had been done for the secound-generation iPhone. Apple announced the iPhone in January 9th and besides of its spectacular multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard and buttons, a big number … Continue reading 3G iPhone

Choose the playlist with Smart Party

Is the party boring? How about listen to musics that you have in your player? That’s the purpose of a project in California University, wich idea is allow people to become Dj by using their mobile phone, notebook and players to choose the party's playlist through Wi-Fi. For that, the guests must install a software … Continue reading Choose the playlist with Smart Party

Digital Television and Mobile Phones

On March 4th, Samsung announced the first mobile with a integrated digital television receptor. This new gadget will be fabricated on Brazil and sold initially by Vivo. The V820L costs between R$1.600 and R$1.800 depending on the operator and the plan choosen by the consumer. Besides receive the digital television signal, it is a 3G … Continue reading Digital Television and Mobile Phones

While Microsoft attempts buying the Yahoo!, Google maybe buy…

While the whole world look at the Microsoft's attempts to buying Yahoo!, the Google, investing in wireless devices, maybe will buy a balloon company. Yeah, you didn’t read wrong and I will repeat: Google may buy a Balloon Company. According to the Wall Street Journal, the idea of use balloons to provide wireless service to … Continue reading While Microsoft attempts buying the Yahoo!, Google maybe buy…