Walking Routes on Google Maps

Hi, this week Google announced a new feature in the most famous web mapping service throughout the world. Until now, google maps enabled just car routes tracing, but at this moment you will be able to trace walking directions also. For that, you will need just to select the option in the search result box: … Continue reading Walking Routes on Google Maps

Gmail and Remote Sign Out

Hi, the official Gmail's blog announced a new feature in gmail account. They're adding a new layer of information and control which provides the possibility of tracking your recent sessions and also sign yourself out remotely. Who never forget a gmail session opened in somewhere?? It's commun to leave gmail logged in with your most … Continue reading Gmail and Remote Sign Out

3G iPhone

Hi, this week is far away from being an usual week for Apple Lover. In June 9th happens the Apple WWDC and a lot of speculations had been done for the secound-generation iPhone. Apple announced the iPhone in January 9th and besides of its spectacular multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard and buttons, a big number … Continue reading 3G iPhone

Microsoft TouchWall

The TouchWall is a Microsoft technology that lets you turn a vertical translucent wall in a sensitive touch surface, very similar to the screen used by Tom Cruise in Minority Report. This sensational interface was demonstrated by Bill Gates in Microsoft CEO Summit 2008, and is made with lasers and infrared. As incredible as it … Continue reading Microsoft TouchWall

Track the Olimpic Torch Relay in Google Earth

Everyone knows that this year we will see one more edition of the Olympic Games, wich will happen in Beijing - China. But allmost people don't know that Google created a way to you to follow the traditional Torch Relay. "An ongoing tradition from 766 B.C. has been to ignite the torch at the ancient … Continue reading Track the Olimpic Torch Relay in Google Earth