Community Launch PE/DEV

Hello guys, it has been a long time since my last post, but I'm back to announce a really nice event here in my city (Recife, Brazil) in which I will be speaking about Design Patterns with C#. Because the topic is very well known, I will try to bring others topics to my talk, … Continue reading Community Launch PE/DEV

Google Code Jam 2008

Hi, For you who like competitions, this is another big event in computer science world. Different from Google Summer of Code, which envolves the implementation of a new OpenSource project,  Google Code Jam is a challenge to programmers interested in solving algorithm problems, using less time as possible. Subscriptions to Google Code Jam finish in … Continue reading Google Code Jam 2008

Firefox Download Day

Hi, one of the most expected announced is the release of Firefox 3 (and iPhone2 at June, 9). And with the realease of Firefox 3, Mozilla wants to make a new Guiness World Record: the software with the greatest number of downloads in the first 24 hours. For that, Mozilla creates the Firefox Download Day … Continue reading Firefox Download Day

Software Rejuvenation Seminar

On this Feburary 20th will happen at CIn/UFPE the Software Rejuvenation Seminar with Professor Kishor S. Trivedi, author of books like Probability and Statistics with Reliability and Queing and Computer Science Applications. Software Rejuvenation is a proactive fault management technique aimed at cleaning up the system internal state to prevent the occurrence of severe crash failures in the … Continue reading Software Rejuvenation Seminar