LINQ for JavaScript

LINQ is one of my favorite features in the C# language so far. There is no such a thing as filtering, ordering and grouping data using an easy and fluent API. In the last weeks I found myself writing lot of JavaScript code. More than just ajax calls, DOM manipulation and fancy animations, my team … Continue reading LINQ for JavaScript

Unit Testing .NET Application with Moq Framework

Hi guys, It's been a while since my last post here. In 2011 however I will try to come back to my routine of posting something new at least once a month. Today, I will share with you the way I've been writing tests for my ASP.NET applications using Moq framework. So let's start. Firstly, … Continue reading Unit Testing .NET Application with Moq Framework

.NetArchitects Coding Dojo – Converting Roman Numerals to Decimal

Hi guys, As some of you who follow me at @nandokakimoto already know, last week I participated in the first Coding Dojo from Recife‚Äôs .NetArchitects group and it was really great. There, I met some friendly faces and after a short conversation about the Coding Dojo practice, @WaldyrFelix brought the problem of adding Roman numerals. … Continue reading .NetArchitects Coding Dojo – Converting Roman Numerals to Decimal

Generic DAO with NHibernate and Autofac

Data access is one of the most important design decisions in software development. Depending on how you design your data access classes, every single modification causes cascading changes throughout your project. Imagine you have a lot of persistent data objects to manage and, for example, you have to change your database. This transition must be … Continue reading Generic DAO with NHibernate and Autofac

C# Extension Methods

I've been talking about Object-Oriented Principles for a while, and this post will not be different. Here and here, I've introduced OOP and described an elegant solution to comply with Open-Closed Principle using Visitor Pattern, respectively. Today I'll be talking about a C# 3.0 feature called extension methods. Maybe you're now asking what extension methods … Continue reading C# Extension Methods