.NetArchitects Coding Dojo – Converting Roman Numerals to Decimal

Hi guys, As some of you who follow me at @nandokakimoto already know, last week I participated in the first Coding Dojo from Recife’s .NetArchitects group and it was really great. There, I met some friendly faces and after a short conversation about the Coding Dojo practice, @WaldyrFelix brought the problem of adding Roman numerals. … Continue reading .NetArchitects Coding Dojo – Converting Roman Numerals to Decimal

Community Launch PE/DEV

Hello guys, it has been a long time since my last post, but I'm back to announce a really nice event here in my city (Recife, Brazil) in which I will be speaking about Design Patterns with C#. Because the topic is very well known, I will try to bring others topics to my talk, … Continue reading Community Launch PE/DEV

Code performance

Code performance is one of the most polemics topics in software development process, addressing a lot of issues, for example: When to improve code performance? Should I prioritize legibility or response time? What part of my code should be improved? There is a lot of discussion about code performance and one reason for that is … Continue reading Code performance

Singleton (Anti-) Pattern

I’ve implemented my first design patterns at college, while creating a web system during the software engineer course. My classmates and I needed a facade class with a single instance of it throughout the system. So, because we’re really smart, we’ve applied the Facade and Singleton pattern. Actually, we’ve implemented the patterns without knowledge of … Continue reading Singleton (Anti-) Pattern

C Arrays and Pointers

Hello guys, some weeks ago I was reading some questions in StackOverflow and one of them really took my attention. I don't have a great experience with C programming language, but I’ve started developing in C++ and Symbian 3 moths ago, which improved my skills in pointers and memory allocation. Even after some moths programming in … Continue reading C Arrays and Pointers

Basic Data Types

I’ve been reading the single most influential book every programmer should read since last month and there is a really nice chapter about basic data types. Actually, when I read the chapter’s title, I thought reading it would be a waste of time, but I was wrong. There are some quick tips that really worth … Continue reading Basic Data Types