Remote Pair Programming


every software engineer and project manager knows about XP and Pair Programming, but most of them doesn’t know how to do it with a distributed team. A good option in this case is to make use of a Eclipse Plugin named Cola: Real-Time Shared Editing.

Cola’s main funtction is to enable code real time editing by two programmers placed in different environemnts. It’s provided by the Eclipse Communication Framework(ECF), so it’s a requeriment to have it in your Eclipse SDK, and makes use of your favorite public IM accounts like google talk, or skype.

More information, you can find here and in this screencast.


One thought on “Remote Pair Programming

  1. It´s a nice tool. I don´t know why these kind of tools not became popular. In the technology era, where geographical distances are easily overcome, “distributed teams” are perfectly possible. The only tool that I know containing something similar are the new versions of JBuilder.

    Good Post, Mr. Kakimoto…. :p

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