Internet through the sky


it’s incredible how Internet is in everywhere. After Wi-Fi, WiMax and 3G make possible the internet access in shoppings and airports, it’s time to read your favority blog inside the airplane.

According to American Airlines, their passengers will be able to test in-flight Internet access. At the beginning, just two flights will provide this service: New York – Los Angeles and San Francisco – Miami, both in Boing 7676-200. However, the company have plans to enlarge the service in two weeks.

Passengers will be able to use e-mail, instant messaging, to download video and connect to secure networks on notebook computers or other wireless devices such as smart phones through three wireless access points on the plane. Unfortunately, this service will not be free of taxs. Facing record high fuel prices, American plans to charge $9.95 to $12.95 for Internet service, depending on flight length.

Well, it seems a good entertainment alternative for that long/boring flights and to help in some late job.


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