3G iPhone


this week is far away from being an usual week for Apple Lover. In June 9th happens the Apple WWDC and a lot of speculations had been done for the secound-generation iPhone.

Apple announced the iPhone in January 9th and besides of its spectacular multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard and buttons, a big number of users claimed iPhone’s internet connection and digital camera.

Does that problems will continue in the second generation of Apple’s main product? According to gizmodo, they don’t.

To solve the internet speed, the new iPhone will come with the third generation of mobile phone standards and technology (3G), which one offers users a wider range of services while achieving greater network capacity. This means: wide-area wireless voice telephony, video calls, and broadband wireless data.

For the camera, new iPhone brings a frontal one wich allows video calls, but no more informations. So, to know if iPhone 2 will also provide users a real digital camera (video, more mega pixels, flash and better motion support) you will have to wait. And so do I.

So, let’s wait June 9th and see another Steve’s show.


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