What are you doing now?


These week I started using Twitter and for my surprise this network it’s really getting useful. At first look, I thought it was just other stupied social network create to integrated people, but I started to change my ideia. Different from other social network like orkut, where users want to be social, get more and more friends and find beautiful people to meet, Twitter has the purpose to integrate people that have same interests and, sometimes, do similar things.

The idea is to post what you are doing at the moment with 140 characteres. Of course, if you just say “I’m having luch” or “I’m sleeping” this can get a little boring. However, if you post sentences like “Looking for free anti-virus, may anybody help me?” things start to become interesting. So, you can find quickly answers, references, links for yours questions or for something that you are doing at the moment.

As a normal social network, in Twitter you will have friends, kwown as “followers”, representing people that follow your activities, and “following”, representing people that you follow. So you can see what your friends are doing and vice versa. This create a network where you can share interets, doubts, links, and so on.

To learn more about it, go on http://twitter.com and to facilitate things you can also use a Twitter client, found in http://www.twhirl.org/


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