Experiencies outside Brazil – 2

Hello everyone,

I posted here about my desire of working abroad and what I’m doing to achieve it.

I commented about my english classes, about AIESEC and about passports.

Let’s do it in parts.

  1. English class: speak a good English is really important and one of my goals is the TOEFL Certificate. TOEFL isn’t essencial to apply to a company, but if you want to study at any English University, they will ask for it.
  2. AIESEC: I passed through AIESEC’s selective program, but I didn’t applied to it. My father and my English teacher talked to me about AIESEC and advised me on choosing another way to work abroad because some reasons.
  3. Passport: take your passport as fast as you can.

For those who want to be a AIESECer (AIESEC’s member), the selective program was divided in 3 parts:

  1. Test: students must do an English exam about text comprehension and vocabulary (10 questions) and an English essay about some Subjects (environment, China, unemployment). I choosed environment since I was reading articles about this subject to use in Imagine Cup.
  2. Dynamic of group: which people must integrate with each other. So we presented ourselves and later, divided in groups, we presented a project to help poor countries in some way.
  3. Interview: English interview with AIESEC’s members. In this part, they ask things like: “How do you know about AIESEC?”, “What contries do you want to go?”, “Define yourself in just a sentence?”. So, a little bit of training before the interview is always recommeded.

Now, maybe you are asking: Why didn’t you apply to AIESEC? Well, although I’ve refused becoming a AIESECer, I think they can help you in some way. AIESEC shows you what companies in what countries are needing employers. But, besides of the fees of R$1.200,00 you must contact the companies by yourself. It’s all up to you. As my English teacher said: “AIESEC is a way of finding work abroad, but there is others better than that.”

Now, I’m looking for other oportunities by myself, maybe it’s the cheeper way of traveling 🙂


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