Choosing Strong Passwords


Most of people thinks passwords are annoying. Because of that, people are using the same (and weak) password for various emails and accounts, forgetting its importance: passwords are often the first, and possibly only, defense against intrusion. So, I will give some advices in choosing a security or strong password.

– No Dictionary Words, Proper Nouns, or Foreign Word: password cracking tools are very effective at processing large quantities of letter and number combinations until a match for the password is found, as such users should avoid using conventional words as passwords

– No Personal Information: One of the frustrating things about passwords is that they need to be easy for users to remember. Naturally, this leads many users to incorporate personal information into their passwords. However, it is alarmingly easy for hackers to obtain personal information about prospective targets.

– Length, Width and Dept: as a general rule the following character sets should all be included in every password:

  • uppercase letters such as A, B, C;
  • lowercase letters such as a, b,c;
  • numerals such as 1, 2, 3;
  • special characters such as $, ?, &; and
  • alt characters such as µ, £, Æ.

– Changing & Storing Passwords and PINs: n order to ensure their ongoing effectiveness, passwords should be changed on a regular basis. Changing passwords securely is fairly simple


If you want to check how strong your password is, visit


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