Experiences outside Brazil


One of the goals of this blog is to become an entrance door for people around the world and an output door for me, showing things that I read, enjoy and work with. My journey trying to study outside Brazil is just in the beginnig. From now, I’ll start a series of posts telling the steps that I am giving to achieve my main objective: study abroad.

First of all, I must get the TOEFL certificate, an requirement in most of Universities outside here. So, I restarted studying english at ABA, where the exam is applied. There, I’ll stay for a whole year, training for the exam, wich I’ll apply just in the last months of the year.

This week, I applied to AIESEC, known as the world’s largest student organization, present in over 110 universities in over 100 countries. There, if I pass through the selective program, I will have acess to oportunities of living abroad. So, it’s a good begining.

And to complete this first post, I scheduled my passport withdrawal for the next month. So, if you are traveling, try taking your passport in advance. Later, I will be back to tell more about my journey and if you have already studied/worked abroad, I wonder if you let me some comments and advices about it.

See you.


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