Choose the playlist with Smart Party


Is the party boring? How about listen to musics that you have in your player?

That’s the purpose of a project in California University, wich idea is allow people to become Dj by using their mobile phone, notebook and players to choose the party’s playlist through Wi-Fi.

For that, the guests must install a software in their players responsable to look for music installed and transmit them to a computer connected with the sound boxes. Thus, the software make statistics of what is the most popular musics at the moment and create the playlist.

The software can also personalize the playlist according the different party’s environment, by controlling guests movement and choosing the musics for each environment. So, if the heavy metal group goes to the kitchen, the pop group may listen their song at the living-room.

The Smart Party’s project is just at prototyping fase and you can see more details here.


One thought on “Choose the playlist with Smart Party

  1. Wow… it’s just a prototype, but it’d be great to have something like that going on. Great idea. 🙂

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