Digital Television and Mobile Phones


On March 4th, Samsung announced the first mobile with a integrated digital television receptor. This new gadget will be fabricated on Brazil and sold initially by Vivo.

The V820L costs between R$1.600 and R$1.800 depending on the operator and the plan choosen by the consumer. Besides receive the digital television signal, it is a 3G model with a 2.0 MP camera, OLED screen, bluetooth and expandable memory.

This is one more option for those who works with digital television, just like me, providing a new environment to write applications and services for this kind of technology. Although, the digital television in Brazil is just at the beginning with only 50 thousands converters sold. So, we will have to wait (I don’t know for how long) the brazilian digital television system enhance its area’s transmition and become popular, when some work maybe appear for us.

I hope that it doesn’t take too much time to happen.


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