Cebit 2008


Hello everyone!

Tomorrow starts the biggest technology forum in the world: Cebit. So, I couldn’t let it pass without talking about the highlights of 2008’s edition.

This year, the forum’s trends is to show enhances on OLED television, wich are thinner and waste less electricity than the LCD, on portability, wich is taking place on notebook, mobile phones and PDA’s, and on the ultra-fast wirelles connection as the Wireless USB standard.

This year, the forum will bring together 5,845 exhibitors from 77 countries and will involve big companies as AMD, ASUS, Dell, IBM, Kaspersky, Motorola, Nvidia, Philips, Samsung, Sony Ericsson e Toshiba divided in 4 sections: Bussiness Solutions, Public Sector Solutions, Mobile Phone and Home Technologies, and Infra-structure technology.

Below, some preview of Cebit 2008





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