One of the cool things that I’ve learned at ThoughtWorks is automating stuff. Automating daily tasks is pretty cool and important. For instance, all the teams that I’ve worked in the past 3 years create scripts to automate builds, deploys and database backups between other tasks. At Motonow we try to do the same. Because we use Heroku infra-structure we have to […]

Introduction In this post, I want to share my experiences in using Devise as an authentication solution for my company’s Web app. While building Motonow, the team had to make a couple of though decisions and choosing the right authentication solution was one of them. To be honest, most of the projects I’ve joined had already overcome this phase […]

Hey Guys, It has been a while since my last post here. Lots of things changed in 2011. The big change happend in March when I joined ThoughtWorks Brazil and moved to Porto Alegre. From March to November (8 months) I worked in a distributed team between Brazil and EUA. During the project, we as […]

LINQ is one of my favorite features in the C# language so far. There is no such a thing as filtering, ordering and grouping data using an easy and fluent API. In the last weeks I found myself writing lot of JavaScript code. More than just ajax calls, DOM manipulation and fancy animations, my team […]

Hello everyone, During this weekend I watched a couple of sessions in channel 9 recorded during the MIX 11 event. I really liked Elijah Manor’s talk whose title is Good JavaScript Habits for C# Developers. In addition to simple tips on JavaScript programming, such as False-y Values and Comparison Operators, Elijah showed some techniques that […]

Hey guys, This will be a very short post about a problem that I faced this week while writing some JavaScript code. At first sight, the acticity should be a very simple one: send an array of data from client to server via AJAX. My pair and I tried a simple POST request similiar to […]

Hey guys, In the last posts I’ve talked about the use of Moq framework when writing ASP.NET MVC unit tests. Today, I will be talking about ASP.NET MVC Model Binding mechanism and how to extend it to make your life easier when writing testable web applications. [I have written a similar post on SharpShooters blog, […]